Math 452 Fall 2006


Homework assignment #0  (due this Friday, Week 0):

Read pages 1-10. Do E1.1 (at the end of the chapter, p. 36). Checkout E1.3.


“Checkout” means you should figure out how to do the problem but it is not to be handed in.


Homework assignment #1:

Read Chapter 1, pages 11 -24 by Wednesday Week 1. There will be a brief quiz Wednesday Week 2 on this material.

In particular be able to define the terms used.

Hand in on Fri. Week 1.

T1.4, T1.5, T1.9 (Text problems in the chapter).

E1.4 (at the End of the chapter)
Checkout: E1.5, E1.6

An alternative method for T1.5 (finding a period 2 orbit) is to solve the system

y = f(x), x = f(y), simplifying the algebra where possible.