Teaching Philosophy Comments


Have you met the Math professor who writes very fast on the board.

His students copy it all down as accurately as possible because there is no book that tells it *his way*.


Does this sound familiar?


Why not replace him with a book?


Photo the blackboard and publish a book.


I’d buy the book rather than go to class because the typos in my copying would be gone.


Here’s why *you* *must* ask questions and answer my numerous questions in my classes.


If you don't, if there is no interaction, then they can take a video of me one semester and get rid of me and play it each semester forever all over the world.


So all of you who do not ask questions are asking for “Yorke, The Video”.

It would be a lot cheaper for the University.

It would only have to pay for graders.


Coach Yorke


Why the name “Coach” and not "Professor"? Because a coach helps you excel. And I don’t know what a professor is supposed to do. See “professor” above.