Math 452                  See                 Spring 2010

We will use the book:  An Introduction to Chaos by Alligood, Sauer, and Yorke.
Please bring it to class each meeting because in our discussions, I will refer to figures in the book.  I teach this class in an unorthodox manner, by emphasizing YOUR questions about the material so you really need to read the material.

Put homework on classroom desk at the beginning of class the day it is due.

Homework The Homework counts 55% of the grade.


Quizzes There will be quizzes roughly each week, on Wednesdays unless rescheduled. Your lowest 3 homeworks will be replaced by your quiz average (if it is higher).  That is the only way in which the quizzes count. (It could be important though.) If you are going to miss a Monday class and you email me to that effect at least 3 days in advance, that quiz does not count for you.

The Grader is Madhura Joglekar, a grad student in Applied Math (AMSC). email:

            Her main goal is to help you to understand and be able to do the homework.

            Her office hours will initially be Thursdays at 4 p.m. (??? subject to change.)

If you need help on the homework or you want to understand the grading, see Madhura.

A few classes may be taught by Dr. Aleksey Zimin.


There will be an individual project counting 25%, including oral and written reports.

            A suggestion: start early.


The midterm will count 20%.  It will be in class Friday April 23 and Monday April 26, and there will be a take-home component to be worked on over that weekend, so leave the weekend before Thanksgiving open to work on this exam.

Note that our last day of class is Monday May 10.


The final exam is the written report on your project. It counts 10%.

The oral presentation counts 15%.

The written report is due at the official exam time of the course.

If you email me, , please put 452 as part of the subject.


My Office hours: See me after class or by appointment.

James A. Yorke = Coach
Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics & Physics
Room 1103 in Math Bldg.
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