Math 410 Spring 2006 Section 0101


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MWF at 12 in Math Bldg room B0427 (sub-basement)


Prof. James Yorke

Office Hours: After class or by appointment

email: (Put “Math410” as part of the subject.)

Office phone: 301-405-4875

Office: CSS Bldg. Room 4311

Assisted by Suzanne Sindi:, CSS 4319, phone # is 301-405-4844
Office Hours: (Initially) Tuesday/Thursday, 3pm; CSS 4319

and by Poorani Subramanian,

Math 410, "Advanced Calculus" might better be called "Rigorous Calculus". A goal of the course is to communicate the ideas behind what is taught in basic calculus courses.  But, in my view, a more important goal is to increase the students' abilities to create proofs of results they have not previously seen.

As such, homework is quite important (and will count 50% of the final grade, with two exams and the final counting 15%, 15%, and 20%). Students who in past semesters have regularly found it difficult to find the time to do homework and get it in on time would be wise to seek another diversion. Students may discuss homework together, but no student is permitted to copy any work of anyone else.  Please put homework on the desk at front of the class at the beginning of the class.

There will be quizzes on Fridays; your average on these can be used to replace your lowest two homework grades.

We will be using the book Advanced Calculus, second edition, by P. M. Fitzpatrick, covering most of chap 1- 9

Exam schedule