Homework 8, due Wednesday Feb 15:


p 47 #7.

p 52 #1,2

p 57 #1

I am introducing a new term here: check out. That means, look over the problem, figure out how to do it or what the answer is, BUT do not hand it in. These are problems that I feel are the most important to know how to do, aside from the assigned problems.

You may wish to discuss these with Suzanne or Poorani. They could be on a future test. You can also ask them about old problems that you are uncertain about.


Check out:

p 52 #3,5,6,7

p 57 #2,3


Homework 9, due Friday Feb 17:

p 57 #6

p 61 # 1 check out 3,4


Note that 3, 4 are not to be handed in.