Notes on P. M. Fitzpatrick’s Advanced Calculus, second edition

Published by Thomson  Brooks/Cole 2006


            In preparing students for the future, teaching them to read is a key skill. The ability to read mathematics is a skill that must be developed through practice. Often we do not require that students gain this skill, and often we do not put texts in front of them that they can read without substantial pain.

            When a professor spends an hour or two looking over a book to see if the topics are those that are needed for a course, he or she is unlikely to note how readable the book is for the students. A tremendous effort has gone into making this edition quite readable by junior and senior undergraduates. This effort has been quite successful, thanks in part to the several students participated in reporting parts of the text they found difficult or confusing or unmotivated.  I acted as a commentator, reporting suggestions and difficulties to Mike Fitzpatrick, who made hundreds of changes large and small in the text.

            J. Yorke

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