Dissertations and Theses Directed

Steven E. Grossman, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1969

Dissertation: Stability and Asymptotic Behavior of Differential Equations.


Shui-Nee Chow, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1970

Dissertation: Almost periodic Differential Equation


James Kaplan, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1970

Dissertation: Some Results in Stability Theory for Ordinary Differential Equations


Stephen H. Saperstone, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1971

Dissertation: Controllability of Linear Oscillatory Systems Using Positive Controls


Thomas Martin Costello, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1971

Dissertation: Fundamental Theory of Differential and Integral Equations


Robert Forest Brammer, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1972

Dissertation: On the Controllability and Observability of finite Dimensional Systems


Gina Bari Kolata, M.S. in Mathematics, 1972

Dissertation: A Mathematical Model of Chemical Relaxation to a Cooperative Biochemical Process


Ana Lajmanovich Gergely, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1974

Dissertation: Mathematical Models and the Control of Infectious Diseases


Tien-Yien Li, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1974

Dissertation: Dynamics for xn+1 = F(xn)


Glenn Kelly, M.A. in Mathematics, 1974

Dissertation: The Kurzweil-Henstock Integral


Annett Nold, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1977

Dissertation: Systems Approaching Equilibria in Disease Transmission and Competition for Resources


Ira Schwartz, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1980

Dissertation: Proving the Existence of Unstable Periodic Orbits Using Computer-Based Estimates


Stephen Pelikan, Ph.D. in Mathematics from Boston U., 1983

Dissertation: The Dimension of Attractors in Surfaces


Brian Hunt, M.A. in Mathematics, 1983

Dissertation: When All Solutions of x' = ... Oscillate


Tobin Short, M.S. in Applied Mathematics, January 1984

Dissertation: The Development of Chaotic Attractors in the Early Stages of Horseshoe Development


Frank Varosi, M.S. in Applied Mathematics, December 1985

Dissertation: Efficient Use of Disk Storage for Computing Fractal Dimensions


Eric Kostelich, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, December 1985

Dissertation: Basin Boundary Structure and Lorenz Cross Sections of the Attractors of the Double Rotor Map


Laura Tedeschini, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, June 1986

Dissertation: How Often Do Simple Dynamical Processes Have Infinitely Many Coexisting Sinks?


Peter Battelino, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisors: Ott, Grebogi), 1987

Dissertation: Three-Frequency Periodicity, Torus Break-up, and Multiple Coexisting Attractors in a Higher Dimensional Dissipative Dynamical System


Zhi-Ping You, Ph.D. in Mathematics, l991

Dissertation: Numerical Study of Stable and Unstable Manifolds of Some Dynamical Systems.


Ying-Cheng Lai, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisors: Ott, Grebogi), l992

Dissertation: Nonhyperbolicity in Classical and Quantum Chaos.


Troy Shinbrot, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisors: Hunt, Ott), l992

Dissertation: Controlling Chaos: Using the Butterfly Effect to Direct Trajectories to Targets in Chaotic Systems.


Ivonne Diaz-Rivera, M. A. in Applied Mathematics, 1995

Scholarly Paper: Strange Attractor Reconstruction from Experimental Data: A Review


Wai Chin, Ph.D. in Math (co-advisors: Hunt, Ott), 1995

Dissertation: Chaotic Dynamics in Piecewise Smooth Systems.

In 2006 Associate Director for Biostatistics at Genzyme


Barry Peratt, Ph.D. in Math at University of Delaware (co-advisor: Kennedy), 1996

Dissertation: Mixing Powders and Scrambling Points.


Jacob Miller, Ph.D. in Math at University of Delaware (co-advisor: Kennedy), 1996

Dissertation: Finding Periodic Orbits of Maps: Basins of Attraction of Numerical Techniques.


Leon Poon, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisors: Ott, Grebogi), 1996

Dissertation: Shadowability, Complexity, and Wada Basin Boundaries in Chaotic Systems.


Ali Fouladi, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisor: Ott), 1996

Dissertation: Spatio-temperal Patterns and Chaos Control


Ernest Barreto, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisor: Ott), 1996

Dissertation: Stability in Chaotic Systems


Guo-Hui Yuan, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisors: Ott, Hunt), 1997

Dissertation: Shipboard Crane Control, Simulated Data Generation and Border - Collision Bifurcations


Guocheng Yuan, Ph.D. in Mathematics (co-advisors: Ott, Hunt), 1999

Dissertation: Properties of Numerical Experiments in Chaotic Dynamical Systems


Carl Robert, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisors: Ott, Grebogi), 1999

Dissertation: Explosions in Chaotic Dynamical Systems: How New Recurrent Sets Suddenly Appear and a Study of their Periodicities


Josh Tempkin, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1999

Dissertation: Spurious Lyapunov Exponents Computed Using the Eckmann Ruelle Procedure


Mitrajit Dutta, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisor: Ott), 2000

Dissertation: Chaotic Systems Predictable Unpredictabilities and Synchronization


David Sweet, Ph.D. in Physics (co-advisor: Ott), 2000

Dissertation: Higher Dimensional Non Linear Dynamical Systems: Bursting and Scattering


Dhanurjay (DJ) A.S. Patil, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, (co-advisors: Ott, Hunt, Kalnay) 2001

Dissertation: Applications of Chaotic Dynamics to Weather Forecasting


Linda J. Moniz, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2001

Dissertation: Convergence of Dynamically Defined Upper Bounds Sets


Aleksey Zimin, Ph.D. in Physics, 2003 (co-advisor; E Ott was primary advisor)

Dissertation: The Bubbling Transition and Data Assimilation


Michael Roberts, Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2003 (Samir Khuller was the official CS adviser)

Dissertation: A Preprocessor for Shotgun Assembly of Large Genomes


Michael Oczkowski, Ph.D. in Physics, 2003 (co-advisor; E Ott was primary advisor)

Dissertation: Scenarios for the Development of Locally Low Dimensional Atmospheric Dynamics


Kathleen A. Meloney, M.A. in Mathematics, 2004

Thesis: A Dynamical Systems approach to Estimating the Sequences of Repeat Regions in the Genome


William Ott, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2004 (co-advisors: B. Hunt & D. Levermore)

Dissertation: Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems and Projections


Brandy L. Rapatski, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation, 2004 (co-advisor: F. Suppe)

Dissertation: The Non-Linear Transmission Dynamics of HIV/AIDS


Cevat Ustun, Ph.D. in Physics, 2005 (co-advisor: B. Hunt)

Dissertation: Improving Genome Assembly


Ian Frommer, Ph.D. in Applied Math and Sci. Computing, 2005 (co-advisors: Hunt & Bruce Golden)

Dissertation: Modeling and Optimization of Transmission Networks


Ryan Lance, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2005 (co-advisor: B. Hunt)

Dissertation: Network State Estimation Via Passive Traffic Monitoring


Joseph Skufca, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2005

Dissertation: Understanding a Chaotic Saddle with Focus On A 9-Variable Model of Planar Couette Flow


Christopher M. Danforth, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, 2006 (co-advisor: E. Kalnay)

Dissertation: Making Forecasts for Chaotic Processes in the Presence of Model Error


Suzanne S. Sindi, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, 2006 (co-advisor: B. Hunt)

Dissertation: Describing and Modeling Repeated Sequences in DNA


Amy Finkbiner, Ph.D. in Mathematics 2007 (co-advisors B. Hunt and D. Margetis)

Dissertation: Global phenomena from local rules: peer-to-peer networks and crystal steps


The nonlinear dynamics group generally has students work with several faculty members and as a result students have multiple advisors.